j. Connell Construction Recruiting is an industry-leading, San Antonio-based firm that has established itself as the most trusted and connected partner in the Texas construction market.

Bringing over 20 years of highly recognized recruiting experience, Janet Connell is the founder, leader and driving force of j. Connell Construction Recruiting. Janet, whose husband owned his own Texas-based construction company for over 20 years, not only has a wealth of recruiting expertise but also a specialized understanding of the unique challenges of the Texas construction industry.

As a locally owned business in the San Antonio area, j. Connell Construction Recruiting is deeply invested in the success of its clients within Texas construction. Janet’s familiarity and synergy with clients has allowed her to narrow the placement process down to a science. This dedication has earned Janet industry-wide recognition and numerous distinctions over the past several years from state and local associations, including San Antonio Woman, as well as a featured business in the distinguished Forbes Magazine as owner of Bullock Personnel.

With resources and capabilities on par and often surpassing its best-known competitors, j. Connell Construction Recruiting leverages its years of strong professional relationships and industry connections to identify and place Texas-first top-talent at every organizational level from Project Assistants to Chief Estimators, Sr level Project Managers, and everything in between.

This firm has a heavy hand in the growth of Texas construction, using numerous resources and referrals from its well-known, reliable and ethical business practices.